Fresh Juices
Swiss Muesli, Cornflakes, Rice Krispies and Fruit and Fibre. Wholegrain Natural Yoghurt and Seasonal  Fresh Fruit Grapefruit Segments
Warmed Croissants and Pastries


Chynoweth Lodge - Full English Breakfast

Thick cut Smoked Bacon
Outdoor reared Cornish Pork Sausage
Cornish “dippy” Fried Egg
Fresh closed cup Mushrooms
Grilled Tomato
Potato and Onion Rosti
Heinz Baked Beans


House Special

Cooked fresh to order - Omelettes Made with local Cornish Eggs and fillings of Mature Cheese, Smoked Ham, Chopped Tomato and Closed Cup Mushrooms - in any combination!

Local Cornish Poached, Scrambled or Boiled eggs, served with thick cut Toast of your choice.

Smoked Salmon served on a Toasted Muffin with Scrambled or Poached eggs.

Hot Toasted Waffles served with Maple Syrup and Fresh Fruit.

Selection of thick cut Toast and Fruit Jams

Filter Coffee and Breakfast Tea


  For guests who wish to make an early start we provide a Breakfast Service that can be served in the Guest Lounge.

If you are working, have a train or plane to catch or simply wish to head off early into the Cornish sun you can take advantage of a continental Breakfast tray and enjoy it at the table in the Guest Lounge.

We also offer a “Breakfast-to-go” option. This is for guests who have early plans or check outs and wish to eat breakfast at a later time. “Breakfast-to-go” bags will be labelled with your room number and left in the Fridge in the Guest Lounge.

Breakfast Trays and Breakfast-to-go bags include:

Choice of Cereals or Cereal Bars

Carton of Fruit Juice


Choice of Pastries

Piece of Fruit

Wherever possible, we always use local Cornish Suppliers.



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